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  The fig tree swayed in the wind coming off the azure water. White waves crashed against the rocky outcrop, spraying me with salty mist. Sunlight glimmered in the sea’s waves, highlighting the rocky shore beneath the surface. A deeper blue rested there, hiding the thing that lurked in the waves below. Across from my precariously grown fig tree, a great cliff sat, a wide cave beneath where I knew danger lived. Countless shipwrecks waited beneath the water, yet not a single human remain could be found. The bones and viscera of those poor souls lost in the strait had no doubt been consumed by what lurked beneath in the dark of the sea.  I sat on the rock’s edge opposite the cave, arm wrapped around the fig tree for balance. The cliff was steep and uninviting. Yet there was no other way to enter the strait that didn’t involve a boat that would undoubtedly sink. Even my little raft, securely tied to the rocky outcropping, was at risk of being sunk. Seagulls sat on the cliff across from me,

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